Sunday School

Children and teenagers

Sunday school – 10:00 – 11:00 am (or as arranged)

Children and teenagers contribute richly to society with their enthusiasm, deep thinking and spontaneity. When these qualities are grounded in spiritual values and discipline, they have great power for good.

In Christian Science Sunday school, students learn that God loves them no matter what! They also learn the Ten Commandments, the teachings of Jesus – including the Lord’s Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount, and they have the opportunity for questions and answers.

Can I come?

Classes are open to all children and young adults from tiny tots, to teens up to 19 years. Bring your friends!

Let us know you are coming!

All children and teenagers are welcome, however we would appreciate some advance notice if you can .

Other resources for the young


On TeenConnect blogs and articles provide prayer based solutions to issues faced by young people such as bullying, exam stress, addiction, dating and relationships, depression, suicide.

Books and CDs

The Reading Room stocks books and CDs suitable for children and young adults, some of which may become family favourites!


eBibleLesson is a unique publication providing the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson in an electronic format that also includes Bible translations other than the King James Version, as well as other Bible notes. It is available from The Christian Science Publishing Society by subscription.


Every week, the Christian Science Sentinel publishes an article of special interest to children or young people. Copies are available at the Reading Room or by subscription.

Testimony Meetings

In the holidays, students are welcome to join the Wednesday testimony meetings every Wednesday at 1pm.


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